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front-end: Javascript, React, Vue, Angular, SCSS/CSS, Tailwind back-end: Spring Boot, ExpressJS, Flask, GraphQL, RabbitMQ, Kafka database: MongoDB, DynamoDB, Neo4j, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL languages: Java, Kotlin, Groovy, Scala, Javascript, Python platforms: AWS, Azure, Google App Engine misc: Alexa, OAuth, Auth0 Devops: Git, Gitlab CI, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Splunk, Elastic Search Approaches: Responsive design, progressive web apps, microservices, serverless, reactive architectures, agile and lean methodologies

Ben Northrop is the owner of Highline Solutions and also a Principal Technical Consultant. He's been architecting and building applications for over 20 years, and still has fun doing it. Through experience, he's learned to avoid the fads and find the pragmatic solution. Since 2007, Ben has written over 50 essays at the intersection of software development, philosophy, and psychology, and has presented at conferences, appeared on podcasts and webinars, and is authoring a book on the topic of Rewrite or Refactor. Ben has two degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, a B.S. in Information and Decision Systems and a Masters in Logic, Computation, and Methodology. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and playing guitar.
Gabo Obregon is a Principal Technical Consultant focused on UX and UI development for both web and mobile platforms. With 10 years experience as a software engineer, and before that 8 years as a technical artist, Gabo not only can design effective and usable interfaces, but he can build them too. Gabo has both a BA and MS from Duquesne University. He lives in Pittsburgh with his wife and cat. When he's not banging out killer UIs, he enjoys making music - though he still hasn't let us listen to it!
David Kershaw is a Principal Technical Consultant with deep experience in enterprise software development, and has worked with companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations, and across many industries. He specializes in cloud software development and architecture, identity management, and distributed systems. David graduated from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and now lives in New Brunswick.
Chris "Milo" Miles is a Principal Technical Consultant with over 20 years of experience in the software industry with a focus on software development and design. He's worked across multiple industries, from Health Care to Finance and Education, and played the gamut of roles, including full-stack developer, engineering manager, project coordinator, and consultant. In other words, he's done it all. Milo graduated from Duquesne University and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.
Connor Carpenter is an Associate Technical Consultant specializing in full-stack development with Java and Spring Boot. He studied Physics at Penn State University and is a recent graduate of the Tech Elevator bootcamp in Pittsburgh, PA. Connor has been coding since high school, starting with customizations to Mine Craft using Java to now creating physics utilities using Python. He lives in Cranberry, PA and enjoys gaming, judo, and tree cultivation.
Aubrey Thompson is an Associate Technical Consultant with a BS in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Master's in Neural Computation from Carnegie Mellon, and a professional background in STEAM education. When she's not writing code, she's taking aerial silks classes at the local circus gym. She also dabbles in other creative pursuits, which you can check out at her website.
Caito is an Associate Technical Consultant with a background in business management and operations. Prior to joining Highline, they worked in multiple industries as a business and team leader. Caito studied Psychology and Business management at Chatham University and is also a recent graduate of Tech Elevator's full stack bootcamp. Caito lives in Pittsburgh with their spouse, dog, and cat.
Ethan Reynolds is an Associate Technical Consultant focusing on full stack development. Ethan has spent the past six years in nuclear inspections, running tests on everything from high pressure turbines to spent fuel casks to help ensure the facilities were operating well within their engineered limits. From there he as pivoted to a career in software development, having graduated from the Tech Elevator bootcamp in the summer of 2022. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys reading, baking, and learning new instruments.
Aimee Medvedik is a certified Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant (SAFe SPC), leading cross-functional teams as a scrum master in the restaurant, banking, and healthcare industries since 2019. She earned her Bachelor's in Management Information Systems (cyber security focus) from Slippery Rock University, and an Associate's in Business Administration from Bucks County Community College. Aimee is passionate about cooking, the Pittsburgh bike trails, trivia nights, yoga, and crafting. Her cat Moses would also say she is a big fan of Food Network, true crime, and romcoms.
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